Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Singing at its Best

Alana had her very first Christmas performance on Monday night. It was....entertaining. She was excited from the very first day she brought home her lines, and she was so diligent about memorizing them that all of us knew them. Even Ava was walking around saying "Tis Christmas Eve and Santa's tree is naked at the top." She could've Alana's understudy in a pinch.

Alana did good when it was her turn, aside from when she walked up to the microphone when it wasn't her turn, said nothing, and turned and went back to her seat. Then when it was actually her turn she said her line, turned to go back to her chair and tripped over the microphone cord, knocking it over and falling down. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

After Alana's play was over there were still 3 more classes of kindergarteners to go. I was kind of like Can I just get my kid and go now? but they had to sing during the "intermission" of each play. Alana has been singing those Christmas songs at home now for a month, but seeing her up there singing and doing the hand motions was much better, even though she kept a poker face on the whole time. Singing about Santa is serious business you know.

I was happy to watch my little crazy girl up there singing and dancing and even picking at her fingernails when it wasn't her turn to speak. She has so much energy and brings so much joy to everything that she does. Oh wild kindergartener, sing me another song about jolly old St Nicholas.

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