Monday, December 3, 2012

Sometimes Work is Fun

I'm still not labelling myself a "professional photograper" but I took pictures of this super cute family yesterday and it was so much fun I forgot it was technically "work." Previously the only family pictures I have taken were my own (with a remote and tripod) or for my sister, so this was a little anxiety inducing for me.

I was really nervous because I wanted them to like them AND more importantly we were taking them at 9:30 in the morning which is a little challenging. After making the sun work in our favor and photographing these EXCEPTIONALLY CUTE!!! children I ended up pretty satisfied with the results.

Plus, did I mention how cute these kids are? Look at their oldest daughter, she is seriously beautiful, and she's only twelve. The boys were pretty into having their picture taken, I think they practiced their poses in the mirror. And the littlest girl was such a cute and sassy little thing, she didn't want her mom watching her when she got her picture taken, her best smiles came after she told her mom to turn around. And her poses were all her doing, she came up with those all by herself. Oh little kids crack me up.


Brian and Janette said...

Nice work! And I happen to love that family...

Heather said...

You did a great job! You did well with the tricky morning lighting, utilized open shade and they are a super cute family. Woohoo for fun work!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I never had the problem of not enough light, that's for sure.

This time of year the sun just sets so early, no one is off of work yet so we really had no choice but to do them on a Sunday morning. I'm taking some pics tomorrow around 4 and hoping that the lighting is easier to work with, but I'm not as afraid of daytime pictures anymore.

Nora said...

Aww my good friends the Goodings. Funny that I can finally catch up on their family thru your blog. She hasn;t posted since they moved back down here. Nice pics


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