Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Architectual Prodigies

We built some "gingerbread" houses out of graham crackers and royal icing. Well, I built them. The girls decorated them with lots and lots and lots of candy, only eating a few in the process. Mostly because they thought the gumdrops were gross and only Alana liked the mints. That just left a few tic tacs, and then Alana was mad she didn't have enough to decorate with. Women, you really can't please them.

Alana decorated her house very nicely and neatly and symmetrically. She is task oriented, she gets stuff done. Then she moved on with her life and went to watch some Christmas cartoons.

Ava surprised me with how into decorating her house she was. She devoted a lot of time to it when I thought she would've moved on to TV watching by then. She took her time and made a tic tac border around the top of the house, but where she really put in the time was in landscaping. She landscaped the crap out of that house. She covered her cardboard cake round completely with candy. I suggested making a couple of bushes in the side yard with green gumdrops, she took it to the next level and covered that yard with "bushes" and marshmallow snowmen and teddy grahams and mints and snowcaps. She even added some green tic tacs as a decorative border. She clearly never heard the expression "less is more" because when I thought there was no more room in her "yard" she just kept going. Its really a masterpiece.

Witten was unimpressed, but he has never tasted candy, so he has no idea what he's missing.
And once again, the masterpieces. They should really be in a museum.

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