Monday, December 10, 2012

Sneezy and Stinkface Take a Picture

 When you take your own family pictures you balance risk and reward. You wipe the boogers off of your kids faces, drag them to the old Burger King building with a cool metal thing on the wall, slap some makeup on and go take your chances. You setup up your tripod, grab your remote, and hope for the best.

Then you face the camera and tell your kids to smile, but you can't see their faces, because you're in the picture. There is no pushy lady waving her arm and trying to get their attention and yelling SMILE! (that lady is usually me). You just hit the button on the remote and say cheese. And sometimes your kids look. And sometimes they don't. The more children you have the harder it is to get a picture where everyone is looking AND smiling. In my case Witten, who is a baby and cannot be told what to do, looked for about two out of thirty pictures. And in those two pictures the girls were mad, sneezing, or just looking unpleasant.

I guess that's life. Sometimes they smile and look happy, other times they don't.

When it comes to family pictures, especially ones that fall on a holiday, I like to keep it real. As long as everyone is in the picture and I look okay then that is good enough. That's real life. Kids don't always smile, babies cry, people sneeze. That's not really what I want to put on my Christmas card, but I will take what I can get. Perfect pictures are rare, probably nonexistent. I do happen to have TONS of pictures of my entire family, even if they aren't all Christmas card worthy. In this particular case I had to settle for one where four out of five people were looking AND smiling, but part of me thinks I should've went with the first one. Sneezy and Stinkface don't agree, but who cares, they made those faces, not me.

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Amy and Luke said...

Ha this cracks me up- we just got pictures back from a pro session and it is what it is-sometimes kids just don't cooperate


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