Thursday, November 29, 2012

It is possible I have too many opinions

I believe I have stated my previous opinions on photography. But a major pet peeve has popped up recently. Everyone and their mother is starting their own photography "business." They go out, buy the cheapest dSLR camera they can find, add some vignettes to their photos and BAM! they're a photographer. Then they post their stuff on Facebook and await compliments and set up photography Facebook fan pages and such. And that is fine, they can start a business, I won't hold that against them. My number one problem, the thing that really bugs me, my major beef, is that I cannot take someone seriously if their work does not support their claims.

Maybe I'm being too picky. I personally have taken a couple of people's pictures for money. Well, one. One is coming up in a couple of days. And I'm anxious about it, because I have really really high standards. I will not charge someone for mediocre. And I'm not even charging them very much. But a couple of paid photo sessions does not make me a professional photographer anymore than my free blog on Blogger makes me a professional writer or having three kids makes me an expert on childcare.

I have had a "nice" camera for about two years now and there are still things I don't know. I still want more lenses and even dream about upgrading my camera body to a full frame camera that I'd have to save for years to buy. But I'm still learning. I can't imagine starting a business based on two months of owning a camera.

I only consider my pictures above average. Some are pretty good, but for every five good ones there is a dud, and this ratio is only improving with time. And I'm not a photographer anymore than I'm a baker for making too many cookies.

Now look at pictures of my cute bratty kids so you can forget about how judgmental I probably just sounded. And remember, I'm not a photographer.


Brian and Janette said...

Hehehe...this post cracked me up. Mostly because I had the same sentiments a few years back. Photography has ALWAYS interested me...ever since I took a class in middle school. But once photoshop and dSLR's became readily accessible to the general public, we ended up with a surplus of self-taught, under-trained and over-priced photographers. Don't get me wrong...some of those self-taught peeps are pretty good. It was just the thought of photography being the "cool or hip" thing to do that turned me off from it. (I'm such an anti-bandwagon kind of gal.) Now, I'm mostly just glad I didn't take the plunge because...well...let's just say it's not my season to be taking up new hobbies. :)

Amy and Luke said...

Ha Jennifer I am totally w/ you! Now you take far better pics than I and I'll be the first to admit I don't know crap about my camera but yes this subject is cracking me up lately. I have aquaintances that are popping up w/ their 'businesses' on FB too and there pics are no better than mine. Just seems its the cool thing to do now, but just like everything else- they won't be successful if they're no good, guess they'll just learn the hard way:)

Jennifer said...

Under trained and overpriced are my thoughts exactly Janette! I know I have taken pictures for a couple of people, putting me in a tricky spot to be ranting about this, but I'm not out there trying to sell myself as a photographer.

And Amy, what's sad is that even though they're not very good, they still seem to have plenty of people to take pictures of. I just hope that at some point they improve or realize that a vignette doesn't make pictures look better.

I didn't buy my camera to start a business, my reasons are more selfish, I just want pictures of my own kids. So you won't see me out advertising for "Jennifer Kloos" photography anytime soon.


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