Thursday, November 1, 2012

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

 This year for Halloween we had a chubby skeleton, a witch, and Merida (from Brave).

My kids were wild hooligans before we went Trick or Treating, so I was dreading filling them with sugar and letting them run wild.

Alana already had a sugar high from her party at school, where the snack was cookies AND cupcakes. Luckily for the teacher they ate those right before they went home, so she didn't have 20 kids hopped up on sugar. Costume wearing at school is frowned upon here, so she just wore a Halloween shirt and Halloween tights, plus she did some accessorizing.

This year was my dude's first Halloween, he was indifferent. If you can't eat the candy, then what's the point? All that Trick or Treating really wore him out though, poor dude.

I made sure to take picture before we left, because once you get out there and they have a bucket of candy you are not going to get their undivided attention. And if you want them to hold still after they have a bunch of sugar you are going to be out of luck. Poor David was still at work though, so he is not pictured. Sorry David, its just me and the kids and my camera remote.

I know I look slightly terrifying, but that's what I was going for. Halloween comes but once a year, right? And somebody tell David that Thanksgiving comes next, not Christmas. Thanks.

If you look closely at these pics you can see the wheels in Witten's head turning. Hey, there's Alana's hair. I think I'll pull it. Yes! Pulling hair is awesome. Act casual, maybe no one will notice and I can keep doing it.
Our Trick or Treating adventures were interesting because we met up with one of Alana's friends halfway through, so she spent the rest of the night hand in hand with her bestie, Spidergirl. I wish I had taken a picture, even though it was pitch black outside. Then we went to Wendy's to balance out all of the candy eating, then my kids passed out before their heads even hit the pillows. Sugar high, sugar crash.


Heather said...

I love the shot of you squishing Witten's cheeks. Good job taking pics when you are all alone.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! David is an impatient photographer, I have better results if I just do it myself. He's just as likely to cut my head off in pictures anyway.


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