Friday, October 26, 2012

Milestones: Four Months Old

My dude is four months old today. You know the drill by now, I can't believe how fast he's growing, I just had him yesterday, he's so big now, etc etc. I've actually been telling people he's four months old for about a week and a half now. Whenever anyone asked, which is a lot, I just said four months. Its easier than explaining the details of his age, and he is a solid and heavy guy, so four months is passable.

At four months he scoots along on his back by digging his heels into the carpet, which is his favorite thing to do when I'm changing his diaper. He doesn't roll over though, he's lazy. He could probably spend more time on his belly to encourage said rolling over, but I don't put him on it nearly enough. He spends plenty of time on the floor, but mostly on his back with girls all up in his business. If I were him I'd learn to roll over just to get away from them. He is also an expert at sock removal, as I type this he just kicked the left one off onto the floor. Victory!

He is my little linebacker, weighing in at 14 lbs, 10 oz, and 24 inches tall. That's 2 whole feet of muscular little dude. He still wears 0-3 months clothes, but I'll probably move him up a size soon because all of his warmer clothes are 3-6 months. He has crazy out of control hair, but his bald spot isn't really as prominent as the ones that the girls had. Maybe because his hair is thicker and longer in the back than the girls was. He still has blue eyes, but they are really dark so its hard to tell. My money is on them changing color eventually, like Alana's did. These kids are not destined to look like me.

Witten is a sweet and cuddly boy. I love his chubby cheeks and slobbery open mouthed kisses. No matter what I do to his hair it always stands straight up, it has a mind of its own. He falls asleep so peacefully, but only likes to be held when he is sleeping at night time. The rest of the time he prefers to sleep in his bouncer seat or his carseat. His tongue is also out of control, he loves sticking it out at people all of the time. That leads to large amounts of drool, which commonly soak his shirt. Then he eats the face off of any toy that you give to him, and when he's done with that he will chew his blanket like its his last meal. Clearly nobody feeds this boy.

This dude needs to settle down with the growing up, I can't handle it. He is getting big and strong and before long he'll be on the move, getting into stuff. I think I prefer the cuddly boy who just smiles at me innocently, rather than the one who probably has big plans to eat all of his sister's toys. These kids are trying to make me crazy with their incessant growing.

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