Thursday, October 25, 2012

Almost Famous

I'm not really a big zombie lover, but I will watch The Walking Dead with David. I might even enjoy that show, even if it makes me have some really weird dreams where I fight zombies at Wendy's with a broom.

During this week's episode David was extra pumped. Because of exciting plot twists? Eh. Because of suspense and drama? Not really. Mostly because someone who he was friends with in high school, Nick Gomez, was one of the actors. He played a prisoner named Tomas who was kind of confrontational and ended up dying just as his plot arc got interesting.

I can't even tell you some of the details of the show, cause the whole time David kept saying Look, it's Nick Gomez! That's Nick Gomez! Nick Gomez is a badass!

Then I said that was annoying, so he said I was jealous. Yeah, I really care about Nick Gomez on TV. David says I'm jealous cause none of my high school friends are famous. I don't see Debany and Lindsey on the Walkind Dead, just Nick Gomez. Okay, I get it. You know that guy. And he's on The Walking Dead, which is kind of a big deal. If I say I'm impressed do I forfeit the argument?


Amy and Luke said...

ha! I love that show and being that it started as a really low grade show and got HUGE I guess I can go w/ David when I say it's pretty cool he knows 'Nick Gomez'. hah...c'mon, just give him this one...

Jennifer said...

I agree that its awesome, but not even five minutes ago he mentioned it. He needs a new topic


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