Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lessons in Friendship

Yesterday Alana had a friend over to play for her birthday and to say she was excited is an understatement. She's never had a real official playdate, its always just been cousins, which she gets pretty excited about too.

Watching the girls interact with each other was so cute. They are so nice and sweet and surprisingly quiet. But what I really took note of was how honest and kind they were. They compromised, they didn't say mean things to each other, they weren't catty (I think that skill is acquired later in a girl's life, I know I have it), and they said what they were thinking.

I almost died of cuteness while eavesdropping when I heard Alana's new kindergarten BFF say Alana, you're my best friend in her cute squeaky little girl voice. Of course they hugged after.

Then they played every little girl game imaginable like playdoh, dolls, riding tricycles, red light/green light, coloring, and hide and go seek. They never got bored, they never got tired of each other. They bonded over an entire pound of strawberries while they watched cartoons. They peacefully colored pages and pages of the new coloring book that Kenna got her for her birthday with the sparkly and much admired glitter crayons that she also got her. They even just sat there nicely holding hands.

In kindergarten being someone's friend is uncomplicated. It involves niceness, cupcakes, coloring, and hugs. There's no talking behind their back, no fakeness, no hidden feelings. They say what they feel and its usually pretty good. They sing songs and say Never eat soggy waffles! and then giggle maniacally. They keep their word and always tell people how they feel about them. They could probably teach most adults how to be a better friend, but I'm still not hugging anyone.

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