Monday, August 27, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Saturday we went to a minor league baseball game with my family. The girls were mostly just excited to play with their cousins, Witten couldn't of cared less, David actually watched the game, and I just wanted to go so someone else cooked dinner for me. Seriously, the only actual play of the game that I saw was when one guy threw the ball from centerfield to home plate which was kind of amazing. I vaguely acknowledged a couple of home runs, but mostly I didn't really pay attention. I did take some pictures though.


The Mrs. said...

I love minor league ball games! Where we used to live, they were affiliated with the Washington Nationals, and had Thirsty thursday paired with Feed your face (all you can eat! plus cheap beer!) WHere we live now, we go to Trenton Thunder games, which are the affiliate team to the Yankees. You can tell!!! The stadium is a lot nicer, food tastes better, lol, the energy is so much higher there, but the tickets are still cheap! :)

Jennifer said...

My husband would LOVE to go to games affiliated with the Yankees!


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