Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sudden Giant Infant Syndrome

I am in denial. My 8 lb 4 oz baby was small at birth. Not teeny tiny. But he was still small. In my eyes he is still small. All 11 lbs 3 oz of him. But he is far from teeny tiny.

Last week Witten turned 6 weeks old. And he got a new cousin. A girl cousin. A 6 lb 10 oz teeny tiny girl cousin with a Do as I say and no one gets hurt mentality. He went to meet his new girl cousin on Monday. And in comparison he looks like a linebacker. My small baby who is average size at this point suddenly looks ginormous. His chubmeister cheeks are huge and he is longer and just overall bigger than her. He still wears newborn clothes, but he fills them out and hers are baggy. And neither of them were very happy that we put them on the floor on a pink blanket to take a picture of them. They made their opinions known. My giant baby and my tiny niece.

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