Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a Good Thing I Talk Loud

Saturday was Ava's birthday party. And party we did. At Peter Piper Pizza, cause it's the pizza people pick. Allegedly. At aforementioned pizza destination you can have birthday parties. Where someone (not me) cooks and cleans up. These are things I want in a party.

You are supposed to reserve a table for all of your party planning needs. But that costs $. Too much $. I'm not cheap, but $7 a person is kind of pricey. And you only get 1 pizza per 4 people. That's crazy expensive. So we didn't reserve a table. We decided to just get there when they opened and snag one. Good idea right? NO. Cause when we walked in every. single. table. was reserved. So change of plans. We put our stuff in several booths along one wall since that really seemed like the only viable option.

When people arrived I informed them of the situation. As in since I didn't want to pay lots of $ to save a spot we were screwed. I happened to inform everyone of the fact that we had to sit in booths cause every table in a restaurant with like 50 huge tables was taken. And I said these things in my loud voice at the front of the store. I happened to be within earshot of the general manager. Who did what any manager who want to keep customers happy would do. Made sure we got a table. For free. Thank goodness for my loud voice. They "reserve" the tables first thing in the morning, even though some of the parties aren't until the afternoon. So then people who didn't want to pay so much $, like us, have to sit somewhere else. Even with our $ saving we still spent over $100 there on just food, so its not like keeping us happy wasn't in the restaurants best interest.

So then we carried on with our partying and cake eating and video game playing and present opening. Ava got lots of fun presents, which Alana opened for her. I guess that's what big sisters are for. We got to visit with family and most of the kids spent pretty much the whole time in the video game area, so it was nice and quiet.

Overall the party was a success. Next time I'll reserve a table. Lesson learned.

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Amy and Luke said...

Love the reserved for 'AVERY' signs....ha


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