Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If I Knew More Newborns

My newborn isn't so new anymore. Or little. He's 8 weeks old. He's 11 lbs. And he smiles. And he's so squishy and soft. But he's not really new. See:

See? He's a growing boy. He works out and stuff. You know, for the ladies.

Lucky for me and my manly man he has a new cousin who was born just 2 weeks ago. And she enjoys being photographed. Cause you know, she's cute. And its her duty to society to let people see how cute she is. For the greater good.

She is still so little. Witten looks like a linebacker in comparison. And she was nice enough to let me take her picture. And sleep through it. She even smiled a couple of newborn smiles. To give the people what they want. If I knew more babies like her and Witten I'd probably take more newborn pictures of them. Cause they are just so cute and tiny and sleepy when they're that new.

So here's my new tiny niece Zoey:

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Anonymous said...

I read it too lol kind of enjoyed it and all the pics are great


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