Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Out of 100

This little guy is one week old already. Crazy since my due date isn't till tomorrow. Yesterday was the first day where ordinary life resumed, as in David went to work and I had to actually cook dinner. But today is the first day where I don't have to actually leave my house and David isn't home and I will have a chance to take even more pictures of Witten. Like some newborn pictures. I'm excited. And happy to have a nice camera.

I've taken at least 100 pictures just of him sleeping. Its hard to show just how little he is in a picture. Sure he was 8 pounds when he was born, but that is still pretty small when I sit him next to Ava or hold him and his little butt fits into my hand.

I guess I still have to share my other 100 pictures, including all of the ones I took at the hospital. And at some point I will blog about his birth, before the memory becomes too fuzzy. But right now I'm just focused on taking 100 more pictures, because tomorrow I will blink and he will be one month old.

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