Sunday, July 1, 2012

Borderline Obsessed

I knew before Tuesday my girls were excited to have a new brother. Each night at bed they told him goodnight and Ava said I lush you Witten! And when Ava was born Alana was pretty excited, she wanted to hold her first thing in the morning every day. That novelty clearly ran out since Ava is almost three.

When the girls got to the hospital to visit they both held their brother and gave him love and kisses, but there were other people there so they had to share him. And then they had to go home for the night without him, so their excitement just carried over to the next day. And then they went home without him again, which just increased their excitement even more.

On Thursday when it was time for me and Witten to come home David didn't bring them to the hospital with him, so instead they sent a bag with toys for their brother which I'm assuming was to keep him entertained till he got home and could play with them. Every 2 day old needs to play with a stuffed McQueen and some new carseat toys.

Now that he is home, and has been for almost two day, they will not hardly leave him alone. They want to hold him constantly, and they argue over who gets to hold him next. They both got up at 7 the past two days, waking me up, even though he was still asleep. I finally have a baby who sleeps in and my older kids decide that they don't want to sleep till 8 anymore.

Its sweet that they like him so much, but they need a few lessons on the concept of personal space. Its too hot for them to be all up in his face all the time, and when I'm holding him they are right on top of me. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, and he will get bigger and squirm away from them. Then they can just play with him instead of smothering him with love. Not that I really blame them. I don't especially want to put him down. I didn't have to share him while he was kicking away in my belly that whole time, now all of a sudden I have to let other people hold him. Completely unfair.


Amy and Luke said...

Hey, Congrats and love the name! Where did you get it from? Definitely original!


Jennifer said...

Thanks! David picked the name, its the last name of the Cowboys tight end. I approved because it was an obscure enough player that most people don't know he is named after a football player.


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