Thursday, July 12, 2012

My One Millions Photos: Newborn Pics

This is the fourth installment of the many many pictures I have taken in the 16 days since Witten was born. I am only a hobbyist photographer and my own baby is the only one I've ever taken newborn pictures of, but I did manage to sneak in a few good shots. I saved one of the best ones for his birth announcements, but other than that I'm posting most of the good ones. I took tons of pics when he was just a week old and since then I've taken a couple more with me in them, but I need to lay him down and take a couple more before he gets any bigger. As of yesterday he was 8 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long, so he is growing little by little. He still looks little to me.
When I'm home alone with a remote, a tripod, and a baby I can't help but take a few pictures. Especially if I've brushed my hair that day.

Picture crashing girls. Who smother him with kisses.

He was wide awake when I was first trying to take pictures.

More smothering of Witten with sister kisses.

Studly guy.

These pictures were taken 2 weeks apart. Technically I still should've been pregnant, but instead he's a week old.

I really like these 2 pictures, except for the diaper and his cord. He's so little though.

He was questioning the incessant picture taking.

He is one tired guy.

This is his formal wear outfit, but I saved the best version of it for my birth announcements. He is just so handsome.

Stay tuned for more pics.......tomorrow or whenever. I've got many more and I want to share as many as possible. 


Amy and Luke said...

The one with his hand by my face is my absolute favorite! So handsome!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I'm so happy that I have a nice camera to take pics with, I just wish I'd had it when I had the girls.


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