Friday, July 13, 2012

Milestones: First Bath

My little guy lost his cord when he was 9 days old, so that meant he was ready for his first bath. Plus he was all peely and needed some exfoliation. Being that he's the third kid though and wasn't really that dirty, cause hello he's a baby, we didn't actually give him a bath until Saturday. And that was only because of a very severe diaper blowout that kind of snowballed when David tried to take his onesie off without getting him all gross, which didn't really work out the way he was hoping it would.

As far as the bath went, he was kind of indifferent. He didn't hate it, he didn't seem to particularly enjoy it. He acted like any low maintenance non fussy newborn acts, he tolerated it, then got a little mad when he got out and he was probably cold. I'm sure he will become bath obsessed like his sisters when he is bigger, but for now I'm saving them for when his little baby hair gets all greasy from people touching it all the time. Other than that he is clean enough. Although I think I'd bathe him everyday if I had time just for the way he smells afterwards. New baby smell is the best.

I had plenty of "help" from the girls.

I was censoring out his man parts for pictures, he doesn't need everybody to be jealous of him.

He was indifferent, but getting out wasn't his favorite part. At least his feet were clean and smelling good.

My helpful girls, of course they had to be involved. How could I possibly do anything without them?

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