Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Sendoff

Since Wednesday was Alana's last official day of not being a school kid we decided to cram some of her favorite summer activities into that last day. These included McDonald's hashbrowns, playing in the sprinkler, and building a fort in the living room. She wants to do all of these things everyday but they somehow don't always get done, and since our new normal life won't have her at home with us all day I figured we should do all those things one more time.
Clearly I am an awesome fort builder.

Witten was unimpressed with my fort building skills.

Enjoying the awesomeness of the fort and watching a movie.

Ava is cautious about getting wet in the sprinkler.

She is a wild girl.

This was our original sprinkler spot, till we moved to the driveway cause they kept turning the water up full blast, then Ava broke the first sprinkler and we had to use a different one.

Alana going to school changes everything. Days like this where we just play and stay home all day are going to be far less frequent. And now I have to brush her hair more often too. I'm gonna miss her, but I'm glad we took the opportunity to play the whole day right before she moved on to being a Kindercat. 

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