Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Complete Me

If there is one thing I couldn't have lived without through this pregnancy, it is delicious, rich, chocolately ice cream. That and air conditioning. So a total of two things.

I am a loyal buyer of Ben & Jerry's. If its the ice cream I'm eating anyway. My kids can eat Breyers, but if its for my own personal consumption, I'm team Ben and Jerry.

We don't even eat that much ice cream at our house. A regular sized container will sit in the freezer forever. But with these little pints where I don't even have to dirty a bowl to eat them, they are the perfect size for my pregnancy cravings.

Chocolate fudge brownie is my current favorite. It fills my need for sweets for the day/week. It doesn't give my heartburn. And hello, its chocolate and has brownies in it.

I'm sure I will feel a little more guilty eating such calorie dense ice cream when I'm no longer pregnant. But right now I could not care less. When a pregnant woman has a craving there is no substitution. I'm not going to settle for frozen yogurt or something. Bleck.

The first time I sent David to get me some ice cream cause he's a nice husband and a wise man who listens when his pregnant wife is insistent about ice cream he only brought back a couple of small containers because Walmart was out of the normal sized ones. They did not last long, since they are like 2 bites but still 250 calories. So I had to go a day later and buy more, when the store had restocked. Since then I estimate that I've bought about 5ish pints of this same ice cream, and that isn't counting the times I would've bought it but they were out. I don't know if other pregnant women in this area have a similar craving, but back off people cause I bought the generic kind once and it was revolting. Even my kids didn't like it.

Congratulations if you've made it to the end of this post about ice cream. My love for it is never ending, but my love for its excessive calories may expire when I try to put on my regular pants in a month or so. All the Ben & Jerry's aside I still have only gained a small amount since I complained about my weight. And since I have to be accountable for my ice cream calories, I'm at 37 1/2 weeks and I've gained exactly 30 pounds. Now if you will excuse me I have to eat a small portion of my dinner before I eat ice cream out of the container after my kids have gone to bed.

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