Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Know What They Say About People With Big Feet? They Wear Big Shoes

You can deny that your kids are growing up all you want, but once you look down you have to admit: they're growing. As much as the growing out of clothes and long hair serve to remind me, little things like growing an inch are harder to notice.

Maybe it happens overnight or something, but one day they are just taller. Clothes that fit them yesterday don't fit today. That is never more evident than with shoes, because a shoe that's too small is not going on. They just don't stretch.

When I look down at my girls feet, especially Ava's cause she has some big feet, I know they have grown. Babies don't have feet that size. They are officially kids when they wear flip flops and chipped toenail polish. There is no getting around it.

I only have one more pair of tiny baby feet left in my future, and right now they are kicking me and counting down the 7 weeks until they make an appearance. No matter how many pairs of little baby shoes and socks I accumulate, my babies still end up barefoot most of the time. You can only do that with a summer baby. Winter babies would have some cold little toes.

I'm not impatient to be done being pregnant, since this is my last baby. But I do want to see his little toes, cause they're my last pair of tiny baby feet and the only ones that will be without nail polish. Can't really do that with a boy, the pink would clash with all of his blue clothes.

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