Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Saturday was my baby shower and while I wasn't exactly looking forward to it because well opening presents in front of an audience is my least favorite thing it went well and it was fun. Because we are finally having a boy David wanted to go, so when I say shower it was really more of a co-ed casual party that happened to be in celebration of a baby. If someone had tried to wrap toilet paper around me they would've been in trouble.

We got lots of boy stuff with monkeys and sports equipment on it, a pack and play, clothes and blankets, and some of my favorite things: cash and gift cards. I have to thank my sister for making lots of cute baseball sugar cookies, my friend Allie for transporting me and enough balloons to fly the house from Up because seriously I didn't think you could fit that many balloons in a Honda, and everyone who came and gave us plenty of generous gifts and helped clean up. Even the gift opening wasn't too torturous because a good half of it was gift cards, and who doesn't love those.

Now I'm 34 weeks, with just 6 left till my due date. That time is gonna fly by, I know from experience. We have tons of baby stuff but I can always think of something else we need. If I could manage to stay away from Target whenever we go to Tucson I would buy fewer things, but there is no fun in that. In less than six weeks I will have a little man to use all of the baby stuff that is piling up in all of my closets.

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