Friday, April 20, 2012

We MIGHT Have Something in Common. Maybe.

I just tried to watch 16 & Pregnant. I can't do it anymore. I had to change it. Those girls can be so annoying. I get that they're only teenagers and they're immature. That's not what annoys me. Well maybe partly. I get that they want their boyfriends to grow up and help so they can be a family, but I'm sorry honey, if he wasn't grown up before he probably won't grow up instantly when you have your baby. Boys just aren't wired the same way. I know its the nature of teenage girls to give boys a second chance, I know cause I've been that girl, minus the pregnancies, but after 10 second chances dump the guy.

The thing that has really started to annoy me about these girls is how naive they are. They think that having a baby is going to be a picnic and no matter how many people tell them otherwise they don't believe them. Then at the end of the show they're all crying and sleep deprived talking about how they wished they'd waited and it's just so hard to be a mom!

I know the first part of motherhood is overwhelming. Pregnancy is overwhelming. A crying baby is overwhelming. Everything can be overwhelming. And tiring. And stressful. And patience testing. And as much as people try to "warn" you about it, you won't believe anything they say until you're a mom. Cause no one tells you the majority of the stuff that will probably happen. Or definitely.

No one tells you about how pregnancy can make you do crazy stuff, or they do but you don't realize how crazy you are until you're post-craziness, reflecting on whatever it is you just did, like throw away a crockpot full of dinner cause your husband just ate some ice cream. That was rational, I don't care. You are never prepared for the squishy-ness of your previously hard belly right after you have a baby. One day its hard and there's someone in there you can't wait to meet, the next day its a blob that you don't know what to do with and no clothes, maternity or otherwise, can quite fit it. Makes you feel super attractive. In contrast is the rock hard cantaloupes that your boobs will become when your milk comes in. Ouch. Luckily this does improve with subsequent pregnancies, don't worry its not nearly as bad with your second kid. Everything adjusts much quicker. I'm hoping the third time is even better, fingers crossed.

Those things are even before you have to deal with the actual person you are now responsible for caring for 24/7. That person doesn't care if you're tired cause they're hungry so just suck it up mommy! The hospital just lets you come home with that person, no training necessary. Scary. Then you have to figure out what cry means what, when you're going to actually sleep and eat, and when you're going to find time to shower this week.

No one tells you that you will lose yourself in that little person. They become the center of the universe, the apple of your eye. You really cannot fathom how much you're going to love them until you hold them and look into their perfect little face for the first time, even if they're all slimy still. Then when/if your second one comes along, no one tells you its possible to duplicate that. You think, how is it even possible to love that much again? I cannot imagine it, it can't be true. But it is. And you will. And its totally worth the rock hard boobs and craziness and having the theme song to Doc McStuffins stuck in your head the entire week.

No matter how prepared you think you are, how many times you read What to Expect When You're Expecting, how much you nest and decorate your nursery, you will at one point find yourself a little bit like the annoying girls on 16 & Pregnant, completely unprepared, completely overwhelmed, but completely infatuated with this tiny little person, whether you had them on purpose or not.

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