Monday, April 16, 2012

I Just Remembered I Have 1,000 Easter Pics to Post

Yeah. Its been over a week and there are all these pictures and I have to do something with them. I don't know what it is about Easter that makes me take so many pictures. I take more than on Thanksgiving or most other holidays. Maybe its the activities. Coloring eggs. Photo op. Hunting for eggs. Photo op. Obligatory holiday family shot. Obvious photo op. Getting Easter baskets in the morning. Photo op where Ava's crying (you'll see).

Our day was pretty low key, nothing much happened. There was ham & watergate salad & and pre-Easter egg dying & egg hunting & Alana refusing to open her eyes all the way in outdoor pics cause the sun is blinding her people! & Ava crying Easter morning cause I wanted her to sit somewhere besides my lap to take a picture and that is clearly the meanest thing I could possibly do. I can't explain it as well as the pictures, so I'll leave them to tell the rest of the story. Good luck.
Egg coloring. Both girls thought it was tons of fun. It went kinda quick though since we had 18 eggs and 11 cups of dye. Long story.

Because of my mean mommy-ness Ava cried, but when she realized I was "forcing" her to sit next to a bucket of candy she quickly recovered. Alana knows the drill, she was happy, especially for the Rapunzel toy that she really wanted. She's easy to please.

Oh wait, there's tons of candy in here. And its for me! All from the Easter bunny!

One kid is happy, the other is sad. That's life, we keep it real. I'd be happy with one of these buckets of candy. Lucky for me they shared. They're nice like that.

Peeps on a stick. Alana is easily impressed.

We are in the shade, yet they all act like they are being forced to stare into the sun.

Alana left cause of the excessive sunlight, so Ava got in pictures with us. She's nice like that.

Nothing completes an Easter outfit like a robot necklace.

Alana was still acting like it was too bright. She needs to get out more.

Egg hunters. And Alana had to get glasses to shield her eyes, cause of the brightness.

She's happy to have a ring pop and to be in the shade.

She's also happy to have a ring pop.
The cutest egg hunters ever.


Brian and Janette said...

Such a beautiful family! And I saw some white shirts in those egg dying pics. You are brave! It's usually down to skins during such events at our place. :)

Jennifer said...

Ava wouldn't take her shirt off, it was a little scary. I stood behind her and wiped up messes but we were lucky and didn't have any spills. I think I was more concerned with the state of my new kitchen table though cause I covered it with a plastic tablecloth but let my kids wear whatever they wanted.

Amy and Luke said...

OMG, I heart that last picture of Alana! So cute!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! It was borderline overexposed cause I switched lenses without changing camera settings, I would've cried if it was ruined. I just got lucky


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