Thursday, February 2, 2012

Routine Plus Fun

Right now life mostly consists of biology homework. I've even studied as part of my whole making an effort this time thing. And playing with my ladies. And picking couch cushions up off of the floor, cause making them into a boat is considered the funnest thing ever. I also obsessively check the status of our tax refund, because I won't be trust that we're getting it until its deposited in our bank account. And they won't give me a date on when that will be, just a range saying before this day, unless there is a delay. So annoying.

Dorothy Alana and Ava. Ava is obsessed with watching the Winnie the Pooh movie daily, and Alana, well she's obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. The problem is we don't have it on DVD, so as a substitute she watches The Fresh Beat Band Wizard of Song. Just like the Wizard of Oz, except painful to watch and annoying. This obsession includes wearing a Dorothy dress every day, which she puts on first thing in the morning over her pajamas. Then her hair must be put up into pigtails, just like Dorothy. And Ava is forced into being the scarecrow, and I'm a witch, sometimes good and sometimes wicked. Lots of skipping is involved.

 Other than our normal routine, we actually left our house and went to the zoo. Apparently everyone else in Arizona had the same idea, cause it was all crowded. I remembered why we usually go on a weekday afternoon and not on a Saturday. We had to park like 3 parking lots away. But it was fun and worth it. And there is a reason I'm only in a couple of pictures. David was all like Take my picture. Take another one. I need a new facebook pic. Take another one. Then he took 2 crappy pictures of me where the sun is shing on me awkwardly and both girls aren't looking and then some random little kid crashed the picture with her giant head. So I resumed my role behind the lens and we looked at some otters and giraffes. The end. Until we added a trip to Golf and Stuff, where my kids are not tall enough to ride any of the rides, although Alana is tall enough to ride everything at Disneyland. That's weird to me. So we played 1,000 video games, then went home. The actual end.

I think Ava inherited the need to be photographed from David. She kept asking for her picture to be taken with her baby she brought in that I had to carry. She can't help it if she's so popular.

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