Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Not About the Pants

My old non-maternity pants? They still fit. I can even button them. But are they particularly comfortable? Not even. They're fine when I'm standing, but at the end of the day, after I've eaten anything, when I want to sit down, the button must come undone. So an inevitable milestone has been reached for me at 17 weeks pregnant: maternity pants. It's not even the pants that really mean anything, it's just that they symbolize a belly that won't stop growing, real physical proof that someone is in there.

With Alana I was so anti-belly panel it wasn't funny. So I bought low rise maternity jeans, or adjustable waist. These are good options if you like your pants to fall down and your butt crack to hang out, or if you like the inseam buttons to dig into your bony hips. It wasn't until I had Ava, and Motherhood invented Secret Fit maternity pants, that I realized the error of my ways. A panel, at least with the super stretchy and comfy secret fit panel, was actually comfortable. Alas, a miracle! My pants stay up! I can eat and not have to unbutton anything! They can be worn in the awkward squishy postpartum phase when any type of pants give you a muffintop that doesn't exist without them. Don't get me wrong, I hate maternity clothes. I wear my regular shirts 90% of the time, because the frump that haunts the maternity section doesn't really do it for me. But the time has come for this final pregnancy when I will no longer wear my normal jeans. So American Eagle jeggings that I love so much? See you next winter.

And now, proof of my ever expanding belly. Its my third kid, my abs aren't even putting up a fight. And I realize I look like an idiot in these pictures, but I was home alone with my tripod and my camera, so awkward self-timer shots it was. At least you'll have some good laughs.


Kerri said...

You are adorable. What a cute belly.

Heather said...

Hooray for a growing belly! I think you look darling and kudos for taking pictures when you have no one to press the shutter.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I need a remote, cause going back and forth was just annoying! Luckily my sideyard is secluded so no one saw me doing that.


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