Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Queen and the Princesses

Princesses are so exciting, its almost hard to smile. For Ava anyway

Meeting Ariel is serious business

Ava is all business with her waffles and Alana is the same with her stickers


Every year at Disneyland we have a can't miss breakfast date with the princesses. Its my favorite meal because its all you can eat, the food is awesome, and they bring it to you instead of like the other character meals where its a buffet. And the best part: the princesses come around to your table to meet you. My kids are all business when there are no princesses, especially Ava. No attention was diverted from her waffles. But when that glamorous princess would get there, they were so excited. They hugged each one, then turned so nicely to pose for a picture. Ava made a different weird smile each time, but Alana is an old pro and smiled sweetly with each princess. That breakfast is usually the most anticipated event of our trip, by all of us.

At some point in the last two weeks, prior to Disneyland, Ava developed a new Disney related obsession. Lightning McQueen. Its not because she watches Cars a lot and has seen him in that so much that she loves McQueen. No. She's a more complicated woman than that. Its because of Cheez-Its. Cheesy crackers with little pictures of Lightning McQueen on them. They are the source of her obsession. She loves him so much that she squeals Queen! whenever she sees him, or eats a Cheez-It. She even got a stuffed Queen to take home, which she carries around and gives kisses. And of course she had to pose by him, and give the actual car a big hug, cause cars can feel love.

These crazy girls really love princesses and Queen, and this concludes part 2 of my Disneyland novel.

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