Thursday, December 15, 2011

The $50,000 Question

There is one burning question that consistently plagues the first trimester of every pregnancy: How are you feeling? Its not that the question itself is annoying, its just that I don't know if its always sincere. I don't necessarily think that every. single. person. who asks that question really wants to know the real answer. Telling everyone that asks exactly how you feel during the beginning of pregnancy is more likely to come across as whining than honestly answering a question.

If I told everyone that I feel nauseous, that I can't eat red meat, that the smell of ramen makes me dry heave, they would look back at me with glassy eyes, regretful that they had even asked in the first place. That's why a standard I'm fine or even a vague reference to Why is it called morning sickness, its not just in the morning? are my standard go-to answers. I don't want to seem like a whiner, and people who are just trying to be polite don't want to hear my real honest answer.

Of course, How are you feeling? is not the only question that is frequently asked when you're pregnant. Its just the first one. That question is reserved for people who know you are pregnant, because you still look mostly normal. Unless its your third pregnancy and your ab muscles have thrown in the towel already, so at the end of the day after you've eaten a bunch, you already look pregnant. Once you are clearly visibly pregnant, not just mistaken for someone who has eaten a few dozen too many doughnuts, then there are other questions. These questions come from everyone, not just people you know. Everyone will ask you 2 things: When are you due? and What are you having? I suggest wearing some type of nametag with this information on it, but that will not stop the questions because people are not observant enough to always notice what is right in front of them.

And just for general public knowledge, so no one needs to ask me how I'm feeling, I'm fine. As long as I eat really often, which is kind of annoying, then I'm fine. And you can still ask me in person, but that is the answer you will get. Cause you probably don't want to know any more details for that, just for your own personal well-being.

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