Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sometimes I Feed My Kids Doughnuts

I'm a lazy blogger. I'm tired and everything smells weird, but for the sake of staying updated and current and crap, see what I let my kids eat for breakfast. Doughnuts. Delicious, not especially nutritious, but that's why they like them. That's why I like them too, mostly the ones with chocolate frosting.
I think Ava likes doughnuts almost as much as I do, she's very enthusiastic about them.


Kerri said...

Hiii! It's been a long time since I've commented but I just wanted to say CONGRATS (on the pregnancy, not on feeding your kids donuts- haha). I'm so happy for you!

Also, I was just going back and reading older posts and I didn't realize until now that you also have/had a late talker. Good to know I'm not the only one on the planet with a 2 yr old who isn't very vocal yet.

Also, have I mentioned to you before that your husband reminds me of mine? Not the way he looks, but the fact that he's always watching football and almost everytime you post a picture of him, he's wearing something sports related.

Ok, the end.

Jennifer said...

Kerri! I'm a lazy commenter too these days, so no worries. David wears sports stuff all year long, and always wears a jersey on Thanksgiving cause the Cowboys always play. And it doesn't even matter who is playing, he watches it, cause he says it affects the Cowboys.

Thanks for the congrats, I'm still a little apprehensive. I think the beginning of pregnancy can be a little terrifying, so its hard to get excited at first. Plus we're gonna be outnumbered!

As for the talking, I don't think its too much to worry about, but I can see why you would because it seems like everyone else's blog is always talk about how their 2 year old is a genius and can say 500 words, but all kids move at different paces. Ava has (just in the last couple of weeks) started talking more and more, learning about 20 words. Alana is always talking for her, so it took her longer to find her voice, but she has and now she loves to say no to everything.


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