Friday, July 29, 2011


A new game has been invented. Hello, U.S. Patent Office? This game, played daily by Alana, has been named....drumroll please......Town.

To play Town you must: Get out every single house/barn/pet hospital/Dora's house/Rapunzel tower/Weebles treehouse type thing you own. Then take them into the living room or kitchen. You cannot play Town in your bedroom. It must be played in common areas, preferably a walkway.

Then: get all princess/prince/Zoobles/My Little Pony/fairy/mermaid/Strawberry Shortcake/random figurine of a person/animal/whatever you might have on hand. They are the citizens. They are to interact/have conversations/fight/all get on the roof to escape giant spiders. That's what people in a town do.

Listening to some pop music or a Disney movie soundtrack on your iPod will earn you bonus points when you play Town. So will incessantly asking your mommy if she would like to play Town.

Your parents will both have unique ways of playing Town. Your daddy might make the bears shoot lasers/guns and fight with the princesses. Your mommy will probably make Buzz Lightyear do laundry and the bears type at the computer, while the Zoobles all take naps. Your sister, on the other hand, is more of a Godzilla type creature when it comes to Town. She might participate occasionally, but mostly she'll just destroy it and knock stuff over.

Town is a serious game, with serious social situations. Like when Strawberry Shortcake moved to Town and didn't know anybody and was scared but then they all told her their names and everyone was friends. Or when the laser bears attack the princesses. Or when Flynn Rider is spotted out and about Town with Ariel. Both Prince Eric and all of the Rapunzel's have a serious problem with this, but it's undetermined how they found out. Maybe gossip is a big problem in Town, or maybe because the houses/towers/pet hospitals are all too close to each other, and should be moved to your room, where there's more space and your mommy won't step on the citizens.

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Nikki Darlin' said...

so cute. I cant wait until my daughter is that age and makes up games like that. right now we play slide down the couch after mommy tells you to stop a million times.
have a fun weekend!


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