Saturday, July 9, 2011

Possibly Illegal and a Small Museum Adventure

I don't believe I've ever waited this long to post pictures and talk about a holiday. I guess technically I talked about the 4th on the actual day, but things happened after that post. Exciting things. Like possibly illegal sparklers, cuddling of kittens and a family photo op. Then my ladies and I went on a field trip to the Tucson Children's Museum. Like, an actual field trip, I'm not just calling it that. We went with my sister and half the city of Benson on a school sponsored field trip. It was fun, but slightly hectic. I could've done without Chucke Cheese, but that's because I'm almost 30 and a little too old for the rides.

We went by my parent's house for a double-duty, double-birthday party cookout. I think this bush and their porch is the backdrop for half of my family pictures. Hey, it's green, it's in the shade and there's a built in seat. It's like it's asking to be in my picture.

There's no clothing more patriotic than Dallas Cowboys clothing. End of story.

Also patriotic: kittens. I personally don't care for cats, but hand me a soft fuzzy kitten and I can't help but gush over it's cuteness. They feel the same way.

After the kittens/bbq/birthday party, we loaded up our sparklers and headed to David's parents house. As far as we know, they were perfectly legal. Then someone on facebook said the cops came and told them to put their's out because they weren't. They somebody else said that only fireworks that you shoot off of the ground were illegal. It's possible that we were unknowingly breaking the law. Fewer things are more American than lighting stuff on fire in celebration, so I think it was justified.

For the first ten minutes we had issues lighting the sparklers because it was so windy/rainy. David and I were both convinced they were duds. A waste. But then, after huddling inside the doorway with a box of matches and lots of determination, we got one to light. Victory!

Ava was uninterested in the sparkly fire, but Alana thought they were awesome. She must've done half of the 40something sparklers, then when we were out she wanted more.

Since half of AZ just burned down there were no fireworks in our town, but we watched some on TV from the comfort of our couch. Not as loud and I don't even have to stand outside, so it works for me.

After that our week was uneventful, until yesterday when we went to the museum. Alana was hyped, because she's been asking to go there for like two months. It's my fault, since I showed her the website, she's been a little obsessed. Her dream came true. She hung on a dinosaur statue, played pet doctor, stepped on virtual bugs and grocery shopped. I think half of what she was excited for was that her cousins were going, and that means automatic fun for her. Ava was less impressed, but still played. I think I took as many pictures of my niece Brinley as I did of my own kids. She just looks so cute with her little pigtails!

Last stop was Chucke Cheese. I was less than thrilled, but it was free, so beggars can't be choosers. The kids loved the rides, especially the under two crowd. One quarter bought them a little bit of excitement. Best part is it wasn't my quarter.
I didn't see my older two nephews once they were set free to play games, I guess that's the beauty of Chucke Cheese. So many video games, so little time. But Alana and Jayden stayed close and they're easily amused. By a ride that goes like 3 feet in the air.

I'll definitely go to the museum again. But Chucke Cheese is another story.

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Hillary said...

OMG i love the sparkler pictures!!!!!!! I miss doing sparklers... Next summer!!!!!


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