Friday, June 17, 2011

Victims of Alana

This decapitated Barbie and lonely right shoe have been victimized by my child.

Today Alana left a shoe at McDonald's. Seriously. Who leaves a shoe at McDonald's? And then mentions it casually once you're on the freeway and can't exactly make a u-turn? Alana does. So I called them, and asked them to look for my shoe. They couldn't find it. R.I.P. $2 Old Navy flip flop. You will be missed. Especially by the right shoe, who will now be getting thrown out, because what good is one shoe when you have two feet.

Barbie will never be the same. Giant forehead and ratty hair aside, she could've done something with her life. Started up a relationship with Flynn Rider, because Rapunzel is too busy for him now with her newfound fame and we don't have a Ken doll. Driven around in one of our two convertible Barbie cars, corvette or Volkswagen, her choice. Spent more time with the Littlest Pet shop gang, because who doesn't like a pig on a tricycle? But now all of that is behind her, due to headlessness.

Who will be the next victim?

1 comment:

alexis kaye said...

haha, YOU are funny!! It's a shame Barbie didn't live to see where things could have gone with Mr. Ryder. But maybe he's into headless females or something.


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