Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Normal everyday life has been on hiatus at our house for the past four days. Ava got kind of sniffly, then graciously shared her germs with David and I.

We started to get sick Friday with a sore throat, which carried over to Saturday and was then joined by a runny/stuffy nose. Sunday the sore throat kindly bid farewell, but solid head congestion stopped by for a visit, joined by some all out fatigue. Monday arrived with a cough that made me feel like my brain was rattling around in my head and someone was stepping on my larynx. Today all symptoms are less than before, but still crappy.

Ava seems to have rebounded mostly, but she was about a day and a half ahead of us. Alana didn't join in on the fun until yesterday afternoon, but she still refuses to admit that she's sick. I'm still amazed that they're able to play and function with the same cold that I have, because I can barely drag myself out of bed. While I'm struggling to hold up the weight of my head, my "sick" kids are running around and playing.

You can tell by the weekend's menu that we weren't feeling great. All I cooked was egg sandwiches and spaghetti, but I had made the stuff for spaghetti the day before. Brownies I had made Friday to eat throughout the weekend sat on the counter virtually untouched the whole weekend, and I threw away the whole pan this morning. They were stale and I still don't really feel like eating anything but honey nut cheerios and peanut butter sandwiches. I don't even really like honey nut cheerios, but our cereal selection is limited until I go get groceries.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we all feel better for the holiday weekend, although with half of AZ on fire we will have no fireworks. Fourth of July is probably my least favorite holiday, because it's so fricking hot. We typically go to a parade at 9 am, and by the time we leave it's over 100 degrees and we're all sweaty and red faced. This year we're taking a different approach and skipping the parade. I think instead we'll revert to our favorite summer activity of going to the movies. Nothing sounds funner to me than sitting in an air conditioned room. Cars 2 and stupid Transformers 3 are both likely candidates, and we'll probably see both.

Right now I'm being held hostage by Alana's insistence on watching home movies constantly. They get old quickly. Wait...I just checked in on Alana and the home movies have bored her to sleep. Yes! I think I'll take advantage of two sleeping kids and go watch TV.

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Nikki Darlin' ( Darlin' Mama ) said...

The 4th is really hot here in Georgia too. I have decided to not even start the BBQ until 7pm at the earliest.
Hope you all feel better soon!


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