Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is Messy

Someone asked me recently how I keep my house so clean. At first I hesitated. Do I reveal my secret, and therefore make it so other people's houses are also clean? I decided to take my chances. My secret to a clean house is this: I clean it all the time. Constantly. I vacuum everyday and pick up toys countless times and wash the dishes after every single meal.

Life is messy. Kids are messy. I have two small hurricanes going through my house making messes all the time. I do make them pick up their toys, but they're little and can't exactly do all of the chores. That day will come soon enough. I have two choices when it comes to cleaning up their messes: Pick them up as they make them so that it only takes a few minutes and my house doesn't look like it's being taken over by toys. Or: Leave them all and wait a day or two so that the mess has piled up and is taller than me.

I choose pick them up, because my sanity is on the line. It's easier to pick them up little by little, and stepping on legos hurts. Bad. Big piles of laundry take way longer to put away then one load with a couple pairs of pajamas. Dirty dishes are gross. If they're overflowing from the sink onto the counter then I have to wash them. But life is still messy. My kids are still messy. I have proof.

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