Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kinda Sorta Maybe a Little Bit Lazy

I'm a slacker. My blog has collected dust. The unthinkable has occured: I washed my hair more in one week than I posted on my blog. I posted one time this week, and it was a half-hearted attempt at best.

My blog currently lacks an abundance of recent posts. Every idea I have for a post is just a crazy random thought, which is fleeting and not substantial enough to fill a page. As thoughts pass through my head while I drift off to sleep I often think That would be a good blog post. But then I forget, cause I'm half asleep. I don't want to feel pressure to blog, because that would be doing it for the wrong reasons. I want to record my life as a digital scrapbook of sorts, but free, cause scrapbooking is way too expensive.

Maybe I should just put some of my random thoughts in one post, but not as a whole random list of crap, cause that's what I do when I'm super lazy, and I can manage more energy than that. So instead I think I will give one huge run-on sentence of random things. Ready. Okay. Here goes: I'm ready for the stupid NBA finals to be over, thank goodness it's the last game and the Mavericks are probably gonna win, not that David really cared either way, he just had to watch; Ava can take off her diaper, which isn't a new skill, but has become more frequent, and she peed on the potty, totally on purpose, at 22 months of age, but then pooped on the floor the same week; my router broke, so I'm a slave to the desktop without any wireless internet signal, and I really wish my computer wasn't next to the pantry where I'm looking at donuts and cake mixes all day; we're not really morning people, so we've all been sleeping in till at least 8 am each day, which has allowed me to stay up till 11 every night, which I love doing; as much as I'm glad it's summer, I really hate getting in my car after it's been sitting in the sun all day and I'm so dreading the eventual humidity next month which will render my swamp cooler obsolete; And the award for longest run-on sentence ever in one blog post goes to.......ME! I don't know what to say! I should thank people. Thanks to my peeps, and stupid facebook for distracting me from posting on my blog till I have so much to say that it forms one long sentence! Thanks to the AZ heat for making me kinda extra lazy! Thanks to my lack of motivation! Thanks to my former followers, who rudely unfollowed me which I always kind of take personally, so suck it! Alright, moving on already.

I did get out of my house quite a bit more than the norm, which accounts for my craziness, but not laziness. We went to storytime, which was deemed a success. I grocery shopped child-free, which was wonderful, even if it was at 6 am. We went swimming in freezing cold water, which was at first cold but then refreshing. We saw Super 8, which was awesome. I had a chocolate milkshake while watching it, which was equally awesome. I got some snazzy 80's looking sunglasses, so now David keeps calling me Ferris Bueller. We went to Target, which is always a cause for celebration, but I did not manage to purchase any of the stuff I put into my cart for myself. Instead I opted for birthday presents for Ava and my niece Brinley, even though both of their birthdays are in August.
Perhaps the most anticipated and nerve wracking event of my weekend was taking pictures of a friend's wedding. I felt tons of pressure to be good, even though I'm only a hobbyist photographer and I've only had my dSLR since February. My camera and I are best buds though and I've been using it on manual since day one, so I pushed through it. The posed couple and group shots were a breeze, mostly because we were outside, in great sunset light which I had prearranged. Oh how I love sunflare. LOVE. But the inside more candid pictures were a different story. It was a dark and wood panelled bar. There were at least five other people with their own personal camera/phone taking pictures at the same time as me, which was kind of disorienting but I can't hate on them for wanting pictures. Pictures are priceless. And have I ever mentioned that I loathe using the flash? No? Well, I do. It's ugly and harsh. I dream of an off-camera flash, but it's not really the most practical thing I dream of.

I managed to get some okay shots inside, but not great. I do really love the outside shots though. Sunflare = happy me. And the golden hour truly is magical. Although we almost missed the sunlight altogether trying to round up members of the wedding party. It's like they didn't want to be in pictures. Crazy.

Again, I love me some sunflare. It's just plain awesome.

I love when babies cooperate, instead of just staring down my huge camera. Awesome!

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go neglect my blog for a little while.

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