Monday, June 13, 2011

A Convenient Haunting

There was a time in our house where everything that Alana was accused of was blamed on Ava. Somebody wrote Alana's name all over a bunch of stuff? That was Ava. Somebody took all of the books out of the cupboard when Ava was asleep? Ava. Without question. Somebody took off Alana's pants and left them on the floor? Ava. No hesitation. Always Ava.

Now that Ava can deny acts of mischief with the emphatic shaking of her head, someone else must be blamed. Alana is never the guilty party. Not when she's the only kid awake, not when I see her do it, not when nobody else could've possibly done it. It's never Alana.

There has to be somebody to step in. To take the blame. Accept responsibility for the wrong doings. That someone must be strong enough to take the punishment. Humble enough to admit fault. Brave enough to take the blame. Or invisible enough to escape it all. Who fits this last description? A ghost of course.

Yes it seems we have a ghost. A literate ghost who writes Alana's name on things. A troublesome ghost who makes Ava cry. A sneaky ghost who gets into the Cheetos. A mean ghost who doesn't allow Alana to share.

This ghost is always around when something bad happens, but it's so quick and sneaky that I never see it. It's a ghost of the most invisible type, who cannot be seen by any mommy, just by children, so that they may blame it for stuff. Does the ghost mind taking the blame? I don't know, because it's so fast that I never catch up to it to ask.

I'd like to have five minutes with this ghost, one on one face time, to get inside it's ghost brain. Really get to know it. Ask why it tries to frame my children, especially Alana, for it's mischievous crimes.

I hope this ghost isn't a longterm resident, but since I can't talk with it to ask, I'll never know. And since I've seen the movie Little Monsters, I can't entirely rule out the possibility of a third party causing trouble in my house. Anything is possible.
A ghost spilled these M&M's, then told Alana not to clean them up.


Alexa Mae said...

LOL! This is so funny!! She just better be careful...when Ava can talk she is in for it. ;)

Nikki Darlin' ( Darlin' Mama ) said...

Haha that is really cute. Poor Ava at least she can stand up for herself now.


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