Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who-Bob Lazypants

Nearly everytime I log on to blogger, which is at least twice a day, I tell myself I should write a blog. Just a little something, keep it up to date. Not much. A few words here and there, a cute picture of my ladies, of which I have an abundance. But then, I log out, and resume life.

Somewhere in the laziness of my one month of summer vacation, I've lost the motivation to accomplish things. I still do my housework, but without homework to do I kind of find myself at a loss. Nothing pressing to do, so I do nothing. Check facebook, look at a few blogs, barely comment on those blogs, build forts, bake bread and cookies, take 1,000 pictures of my kids. Those things fill my long days. Nowhere in there do I include dressing my children everyday, washing my hair, mopping my kitchen, or doing laundry before the hamper is overflowing.

Maybe I'm embracing the true laziness of summer, or what I'm gonna call my summer break. I'm taking two summer classes, but they don't start until July. Of course that means that I won't get any of my financial aid money till June, which seems like forever away. But it means I can earn six more credits over the summer, when most people are doing nothing. Last semester I didn't exactly apply myself, and now my GPA is only 3.5, which irritates me. Especially because my easy religion class, in which I never studied and basically had to watch crappy movies and such, only earned me a B. I got an 89%. I missed getting an A by 16 points, which could've been easily earned. If I had only watched the horrible movie Passion of the Christ, then I would've passed the test for it, and gotten an A. So simple. But slacker me couldn't do it. I could not bring myself to watch that horrible violent movie. And I paid the price.

I try to keep busy. I've built an awesome fort, played several rounds of Mr Potato Head, baked bread and made jam. But I still have a lot of hours in my day where I feel like I should be doing something, but I'm not. So I take pictures of my cute and bratty children, which I will post on here, and hope that I magically get a hobby that is time consuming but I will grow tired of before July. It should be free too.

In the meantime we are gonna plan a really awesome fourth of July weekend, cause that's when we'll have some extra money again. I'm thinking Kung Fu Panda 2, or Cars 2. Lots of grilled food, including ribs. And Alana is dying to go to the Tucson Children's Museum, ever since I showed her their website. She asks to look at it every. Single. Day. And as for June, we will be doing anything that's cheap or free. Library storytime. Public pool. Anything to pass the time and beat the heat.

Now for random pictures:

Alana can always be counted on to hold still for a picture.

Some outdoor time at the end of the day is just enough to get them nice and tired.
I'm not the only lazy one.

This may be the most random post ever on my blog, but I have a scattered brain this morning. Sorry.


Darlin' Mama said...

they look so cute in their sun glasses!

Sey said...

two lovely gorgeous babies on their shades. Love it!


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