Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Fun Time

It may not technically be summer, but it's already hot. Yesterday it was about 95, and today it feels the same. Hot.

There are ways to cope. You can try to beat the heat. You get into your car and feel like you're suffocating. So you go to the public pool, which is overrun by hooligans and teenage girls in impossibly small bathing suits. The water is freezing, but you're only in the wading pool. That's okay, because it still feels good on your feet. Your baby, looking cute in her cherry bathing suit and pigtails, will ease herself in over a fifteen minute period. Toes first. Then the whole foot. Then the other. Then her Pinocchio toy. Then legs, up to the calf. Eventually she's standing in the one foot water, laughing. Her sister is rolling around in the water like a crazy person.

You can play in the sprinklers with your cousins. One of them will keep sitting on the water, then run at the person with the camera with the sprinkler. Boys are definitely wilder than girls. You can swing around in the yard, waiting for someone to push you. Then get out and ease your way into playing in the sprinkler, one drop of water at a time. It's a good time.

Other must do items for us this summer: eat many cups of ice. Also eat lots of popsicles, push-up pops and otter pops. Cookie ice cream sandwiches work too, but they require work. Run in the sprinklers. Go to the movies, at least for 4th of July. Go to the Children's Museum, to get your kid to stop asking. Go shopping, when you have an extra paycheck and money. Buy glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk, because it looks like fun. Play. Take large amounts of pictures. I've got that part down pat.


Jordan *Rainbow Veins* said...

Very cute!! I know- the weather is wonderfully hot!! Hehe- I don't know about you, but I love it!! :)

Super cute pictures! <3
Hope you kept cool! My sisters and I were in the sprinkler all day yesterday (you're never too old for a sprinkler ;)


Darlin' Mama said...

OH I love the pool right now. So cute watching the babies play!


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