Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flash Forward

The other night I was taking a bath, minding my own business, when Alana came into the bathroom to say hi. I never close the door at this point in my life, because everyone that lives here sees me naked all the time and doesn't even blink. She waltzed in there, baby in hand, swaddled with love, with the most happy look I've ever seen planted on her four year old face.

As she carried that miniature version of Rapunzel, with its tangled hair and well used receiving blanket, she looked at that doll with pure love, as if it were her own child. In my mind in that very second I didn't see her as her perfect four year old self, but as a grown woman, at least 20+ years in the future hopefully, looking at her brand new baby.

I saw her as the great mother I know that she'll be, and just for one second, I got sad. She is not allowed to grow up so quickly. Tomorrow she'll go to kindergarten. By Friday it will be her senior prom. Then she'll move out and leave me. Get married. Have some babies. Hopefully in that order, but if the last two are switched I'm in no position to judge.

How can she grow so quickly? I just had her, now I'm having visions of her as a mother!

Sometimes she's sweet, and sometimes she's sassy, but she's not supposed to be so grown up yet. She's too little to want to wear makeup and dangly earrings, even if the earrings in question are mini pieces of pizza. She wants to help do the dishes and laundry, because of her hurry to grow up, but why the rush to do chores? Take my advice and let your mommy do your laundry till you're at least five.

This is how I feel when I think of her as a grown up:


NikkiDarlin' said...

AWW they do grow too fast. I look at my little one and think what happened? I feel like I missed something.

Rachel said...

oh that precious little face. so cute. and i haven't even had babies yet and i'm worried about them growing up too fast, haha! must be all my friends having babies and posting about how fast time goes


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