Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uphill Battles

My kids are sick again, but this time I decided to take action immediately and took them to the doctor the day after they started showing symptoms. Not the emergency room like I sometimes do cause I don't feel like making an appointment, their actual primary care pediatrician.

After a couple of exams on one cooperative lady and one uncooperative lady we received a diagnoses: each girl has an ear infection in her right ear. Order up a double shot of antibiotics, no amoxicillin for Ava though. Alana has a croup-like cough and has to take a steroid for three days to lessen the swelling of her throat. And finally: Ava has mild bronchitis in the bottom part of her lungs. She has to get breathing treatments every six to eight hours for a week, then go back to the doctor to check her progress.

Kids are quick and heal quickly, but the problem is that they need their medicine. Neither of these stubborn girls take any medicine willingly. People must be restrained, teamwork must be used, vomit is almost inevitable. If I hold Ava down I can manage to give her most of her medicine and she's all good. But Alana is a different story. She's the most stubborn person to ever live. We've tried bargaining. Sometimes it works. We've tried bribery. It rarely works. She will deny wanting anything just to get out of taking medicine. She doesn't want to go to Disneyland, doesn't want a million dollars, doesn't want candy or popsicles. Nothing. In a desperate moment we tried restraining her and making her take it, but she gagged so much she threw it up, plus some chicken nugget. On me. I don't know how to make her take it. She is a major drama queen.
This is the longest rap sheet of illnesses we've ever had. I typically have one sick one at a time, then they get better before the other one gets sick again. It seems like they just got better from the post-Christmas and New Years illnesses.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after these germs go away and everyone is better that they will stay that way because we're going to Disneyland in three weeks. Three weeks of healing time should be more than enough, I just hope no one gets reinfected.

Wish me luck.


Kerri said...

Holy wow, you sometimes take your kids to the ER instead of the doctor when you don't want to make an appt?! Your ER must function WAY more effectively than ours. There is always at minimum a 3 or 4 hour wait and then our co-pay is outrageous. I avoid that place at all costs.

Sorry to hear the girls are sick again. Hopefully they're squeezing it all in now so they can be happy & healthy for the Disneyland trip!

Jennifer said...

The nice thing about living in a small town is a small hospital. We always see the same doctor (practically always anyway) and the wait is short. Plus their pediatrician is about a half hour drive away, so it ends up taking about the same amount of time to do either one.

I hope they get all the germs out of the way before Disneyland too!


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