Monday, January 24, 2011

The Real Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love tax refund season. Better than Christmas to me! The way my bank account looks with tons of money in it. The anticipation of waiting for money to be deposited, waiting to go shopping, waiting to go to Disneyland. Looking at the camera that I so badly want on Amazon 100 times per day. Its lovely.

The night before our tax return is scheduled for direct deposit is very Christmas Eve-ish for me. I'm anxiously waiting for the refund St Nick. Last year I even woke up around 4 am to logon to my bank account and check that the money was deposited.

All year I look forward to our tax refund. When I really want something but can't afford it, I tell myself to wait for taxes then I can get it. When I see cute clothes online at BabyGap, who's clothes are so cute but sometimes expen$ive, I tell myself that when taxes come I will buy some of them. When I look at other people's pics on their blogs, who I know have nice cameras and I really really want a nice camera too, I tell myself to wait for taxes.

This year with our taxes we are going to Disneyland. Fourth year in a row! I'm starting to feel like a Disneyland expert after all these trips. With the extra that's left after we pay some bills and pay for Disneyland, we are doing some shopping. And I'm so buying a new camera.

I've been looking forward to shopping since I filed our taxes and as it gets closer I'm even more excited. I love a good shopping spree. And shopping for new clothes to wear while on vacation always makes me excited. Did I mention I love shopping?

I'm not only counting the days till we go to Disneyland, I'm counting the days till we go shopping. 20 and 5, in case you were wondering.


The Mrs. said...

I loooooove shopping.... David and I are splitting the money thats left after paying off the amex.... i have NOOOOO idea what do with my half.

probably be boring and put it in the savings account.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so jealous!! We get a tiniest tax refund possible, it wouldn't even pay for a packet of biscuits! Have a wonderful trip. I'd love to take my daughter to Disney Land, but it's such a long way for her to travel.

Found you via Friday blog hopping.


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