Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something to Look Forward To

I just made hotel reservations to go to Disneyland next month! I'm so excited! Only 32 days till we leave, and you can bet I'll be counting them down.

I kind of feel like a big dorky kid sometimes, because of how much I like Disneyland. But its awesomeness cannot be denied. Everyone should just be upfront about it. You all know its the happiest place on earth. Except David who says its the second happiest, after the Cowboys Stadium that is. I say happiness at Cowboys Stadium is conditional upon whether they win or lose.

Dorkiness aside, I'm excited to go. I need a vacation. One week where the only thing I make for dinner is reservations. And a maid makes the bed and takes out the trash. And my kids are so tired from the days activities that they pass out at 7 pm. And I'm so tired that I want to pass out at 7 too!

Seeing the excitement on your child's face at Disneyland is just pure joy. As far as Alana is concerned, that is the real Mickey Mouse in that suit. Alana has never been afraid of the characters, she's my social butterfly. Ava will probably be scared, because she has way more stranger anxiety than Alana ever did, but she'll live. No one ever had any permanent damage from being scared of a guy in a costume. I have my suspicions that David likes getting pictures with the characters more than Alana. It always seems to be his turn when someone cool comes around, and I'm left taking a picture of my 31 year old husband and Mulan.

Something about Disneyland brings out the kid in all of us, and I'll be asking Are we there yet? the whole way.

Here's to more memories like these:


NikkiDarlin' said...

Oh so lucky! I wanna go, but my hubby hates rides.

Jennifer said...

How can he hate rides? That's crazy! And even without the rides, its totally worth it just to see how happy it makes your kids!


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