Saturday, January 8, 2011

People Are Crazy

Somebody just shot Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Congress Woman, in the head. They shot her point blank, while injuring at least 12 other people. One of the reported casualties was a nine year old girl. How is that justified?

Why would anyone do something so extreme? I can't even begin to understand people like that. She will probably die of her injuries, with her blood on their hands, all because of someone's political views were different than hers.

I voted for her numerous times, and I think she was a great leader with lots of potential. Now because of some crazy person, who probably had some crazy views on immigration, she is in surgery and might not make it. This person didn't even take into consideration the fact that she has family and people who love her. They just acted on an insane whim and did something so extreme that it cannot be taken back.

I am basically speechless at this point. I am so mad! I can't even properly form a sentence, much less convey how angry I am. I don't think I've ever cried over the death of someone I didn't know until today. I supported her and her views, but even if I didn't I wouldn't of wanted this fate for her.

Did this person believe so strongly that illegal immigration was personally affecting them that they needed to lash out at someone who doesn't support SB-1070? Did we not all descend from immigrants at some point? Building a stupid fence won't help. What was this man afraid of anyway? Health insurance? Immigration reform? Higher minimum wage? How narcissistic was he that he thought killing off one democrat and her innocent supporters would greatly affect the entire country and the direction of Congress?

The most ironic part of events like this, and other political assassinations, is that people some claim to do it in the name of Christianity. Last time I checked Christians don't believe in killing somebody because you have different beliefs than them. There is never a time when hurting or killing someone like this is justified. Never. If you want to make a difference, hurting innocent people is not the answer. The difference that you're making will never be a good one if your solution to your problems is violence.

My thoughts are with her and her family, along with the families of the other innocent people who died today.


Brian and Janette said...

Truly, what happened today is a tragedy...for the entire country, regardless of one's political views. From what I've been hearing on the news, this attack was not necessarily one member of a political party against another party, but rather a case of a young man who suffered from mental illness. Now....not saying that justifies his actions, but it does shed light into what could have possibly triggered or motivated him. Truly a very, very sad day.

Jennifer said...

Have you seen his youtube videos? He was definitely crazy, I agree. I don't know what his political views are, so I don't know if that was the reason for his attack, I'm just going off of what is typically the motive in attacking politicians. I'm very curious about what reasons he might possibly give for his actions.

Whatever his reasons, there's nothing that justifies killing a nine year old girl, or killing anybody for that matter.

NikkiDarlin' said...

Wow I just got home so I haven't seen this yet on tv, but it's horrible. I hate stuff like this. People are just too way out of their minds with angry and hate now days.

Kerri said...

They are speculating that it was related to her views on immigration, Jennifer. You were right about that. But yes- he is definitely crazy. And I am just sick that a 9 year old girl was killed in such a senseless act of violence.

Jennifer said...

That poor little girl wasn't even there with her parents. She went with a neighbor because she was just elected to student council. This really gets me as a parent. Its horrible!


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