Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mini Golf Champs

We spent part of our kid free Saturday acting like kids, by playing a rousing round of mini golf with our friend Allie. That counts as exercise after eating too much at the Olive Garden right? David won, which is probably the best thing since he may have thrown his golf club in the water at the same course after losing one time. Neither Allie or I am that competitive, so if Tiger Woods David wants to beat a couple of girls then that's fine. I should also mention that he was 2 under par, just so you'll all be extra impressed. Win or lose, it was still fun. Acting like a kid has its benefits.


NikkiDarlin' said...

WOW I haven't played mini golf in forever. I wanna go now.

Alexa Mae said...

Cute cute pics!!! It's been forever since I've played. Looks like a blast! You are darling.


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