Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fashion Tips Guest Post: Ava Has Fashion Sense Too!

As stylish as Alana is, Ava is quickly catching up to her. They are neck and neck, and I'm giving Ava the advantage right now cause of her chubby cheeks. How could I say no to this face?
So Ava is stepping up to give you some of her baby fashion tips, just in time for Christmas. Enjoy.

 The right shoes will dress up any outfit, even jammies! And they add that little lift to make you look taller.
Animal prints are in! And pants are always optional.

Does a pattern of animals count as animal print? I say yes! And when your thighs are this sexy you never need pants, even in winter.  And baby mullets are the hairstyle for Winter 2010.
 Sometimes all you need is a bib and a diaper. Caution: You have to have just the right body to pull this one off!
On a cold day, knee high socks and a Minnie Mouse onesie can be substituted for pants, but only if your thighs are meaty enough to withstand the cold.


chocoholic said...

Haha! You write the best captions! And Ava is adorable as always!

Brittany said...

eeeeeeeee! so cute! ava is so in right now. off to change into a t-shirt in knee socks...j/k :)

Jet-Setting Divas said...

awwww the captions were funny! she is too cute!

Chelsea said...

Such a cute post! I'm a new follower through 20 Something Bloggers. Hope to see you around my blog sometime...


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