Sunday, November 7, 2010

There's No I in Team

There was a point in my life when I was naive about sports. I didn't know what a triple-double was. I thought a grand slam was a meal at Denny's. I didn't know what a first down was, or that its the same thing as first and ten. I never watched football at Thanksgiving, instead opting for the parade or whatever Christmas movie was being played prematurely.

Once I met David my view of sports changed. As in, my non-existent viewing of sports increased drastically. I found my Thanksgiving planned around when the Cowboys play, because they play every Thanksgiving. And I'm now more fluent in sports talk. The words special teams, flea-flicker, and blitz all have a different meaning to me now.

Out of all of the things that were foreign to me about sports, the most mysterious was We. I was completely unaware that every sports team actually has millions and millions, or just a few if you're the Cardinals, of members. Every Sunday when the Cowboys play, its not just them playing the game. We are right there with them. We watch every play. We cringe when Romo gets hurt. We get depressed when they lose again. We never turn our backs on the team, even though they're one and six. We get extra depressed when we go all the way to Phoenix to see them on our birthday, then they lose. (We doesn't necessarily include me, but it always includes David).

I guess loyalty is a quality that isn't lacking in David, because no matter what the Cowboys do, We never stop loving them. Even when they have a bad year, We still want a Dez Bryant jersey for Christmas.

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The Mrs. said...

I have learned thatwhen the mr. says "we are doing blah blah blah" isn't always our family... actually... its rarely our family, and more than likely, the Seahawks... lol


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