Sunday, October 3, 2010

Party like you're four years old

Yesterday was Alana's 4th birthday and I'm still in shock. I spend the better part of my kids birthdays in disbelief that they are now a whole year older. I mean, come on. How can she be four already? Its definitely not possible.

She has spent every hour since her party sleeping, even now, at eleven am, she is asleep. She has a birthday hangover. What a way to spend the day after your birthday, passed out on the couch, not feeling that great, while your new toys go unplayed with. At least she's getting some use out of her new pillow pet.

All day yesterday she kept asking me excitedly Are you ready for my birthday party? She got dressed in a pretty dress, despite her protests and insistence on wearing her Romo jersey. Not that she doesn't look cute in a pink football jersey, but its not really party attire. Unless its a superbowl party. Then she stated her plans to only eat cake and ice cream at the party, nothing else. Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, and of course mint ice cream. She pondered what kind of gifts she might receive, and later was rewarded with lots of toys, not clothes. She made sure to tell me she wanted clothes. She did get pajamas, but they have Princess Tiana on them, so they fall into the acceptable present category.

She was excited when I put up her Toy Story birthday banner and tablecloth, that she had picked out from Wal-Mart. She set out her Toy Story plates and napkins and waited patiently for people to arrive.

Once everyone was here she ran around giving hugs, playing with her cousins and showing everyone her Halloween costume. She sat prettily at the table smiling while we sang her Happy Birthday, then accepted help from her cousin Jayden blowing out the candles. Then the two of them stuck their little fingers into the frosting about 100 times while we were serving cake and ice cream. They were sharing their cooties with the world.

When she opened her presents she held each one up for everyone, especially David's cousin Frank, to see. Hey Frank, look at my Rapunzel doll! Hey Frank, a ZhuZhu pet! Hey Frank, PrincessFrog jammies!

Then everyone left and she laid down on the couch with her new bumblebee Pillow Pet, party dress and all, and fell asleep. At 6:30 at night.

She is so perfect and there are so many things I love about her, but this blog isn't infinitely long, so I'll narrow it down to a few.
*She has imaginary conversations with her toys and movie characters, where she always calls them by their full name. Come on King Triton, lets go. Hurry Chowder (from Monster House), get in the car. Would you like your hair brushed Ariel?
*She is generous with hugs and kisses. And she's not too stingy with the I Love You's either.
*She is stubborn and hardheaded. Especially when it comes to fashion choices and having her hair combed.
*She is all or nothing in the bath department. She either wants to take one twice a day or space them out a week apart.
*She can watch the same movie five times in one day, and she has.
*She has the cutest little sweet voice. Mommy you want to watch cartoons with me? How could I say no?
*She insists on having different colored nail polish on every hand and foot. Four different colors at all times.
*She also insists on only wearing my earrings. When I'm a woman, then I can wear dangly earrings.
*She is growing out her hair to look more like Lady GaGa.  
*She is sweet and perfect and mine.

Now onto the party pics.

Rapunzel doll from the new movie Tangled. Are you hyped to see it?

Sometimes cousins can be helpful.

Parties are exhausting. Good thing the pillow pet was there to snuggle with.

My pretty girl and her pretty smile.

I still can't believe she's four!

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