Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion tips from Alana

Alana's fashion tips from a typical Wednesday:
Never be afraid to support your favorite football team. Even if its May. Go Cowboys!
Plaid ballet flats go with every outfit.
Big pink flowers in your hair dress up any occasion.
Never let your mommy pick out your clothes. Her fashion sense is way different than yours.

Note to moms of kids who like to pick out their own clothes: Buy lots of neutral bottoms. Then when your stubborn kid insists on wearing a football jersey to the grocery store, their outfit won't look as bad. Still bad, just not as bad.


Kerri said...

Uh oh...we're Redskins fans over here!

I have to say- that outfit isn't half bad! I love the plaid ballet flats. I kind of want some.

Overthinking Mama said...

my daughter decided to wake up in the middle of the night... dress herself in her Easter dress (backwards of course) and jean shorts underneith... then climb into my bed... she insisted on wearing the dress all day.. so I said fine...and took spare clotehs to change into at the sitter... she never did change.. she wore that dress.. backwards.. all day long.. :-)
sometimes.. its not worth the fight!


Anonymous said...

oh now mom, she looks absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

My son is three and is currently insisting on clothing himself.. *sigh* .. I'll definitely take the advice on buying neutral bottoms for him, heh


JoJo said...

awwww I love the pink Jersey, I think its so cute!!

sEy said...

I love pink :) nice fashion a lil' girl like her


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