Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling Kinda Random Today

Today I just feel kind of weird. Maybe its the sudden onset of windy fall weather. Or the just as sudden onset of Alana's cold. I feel like shopping for new clothes for my ladies. I don't feel like doing any homework. At all. The same goes for taking tests. Open book or not, I'm not in the right frame of mind to learn anything right now. On the plus side though I got 100% on my last psych discussion and assignment. High five.

Every idea I had for my blog today was more appropriate for a facebook status. Kind of a statement more than something I could write a few paragraphs on. Not that I don't have sufficient opinions on anything, I just don't feel like ranting on about anything today. I say this after two paragraphs of nonsense.

So today I will bring you some of my random thoughts of the day, while listening to Alana sing along to The Fresh Beat Band. Cause friends give friends a hand. (I guess you have to watch that show to get that joke). Here are my random thoughts on a windy Wednesday:

McDonald's has McRibs! That's just what David needed to restore his faith in humanity after the disappointment of this year's football season so far.

I really hate when people laugh at their own jokes. Especially when its not funny and no one else is laughing.

I hate buying garbage bags and diapers. They both just end up back in the trash, filled with crap.

Ava smells like Funyns.

The Little Mermaid is the best movie ever.

I always wanted a little girl so I could do her hair. Now Alana won't even let me brush her hair and Ava won't wear headbands or hairclips.

Ava thinks every Barbie and stuffed animal is her baby and she carries it around patting it on the back.

I'm tired of watching How to Train Your Dragon. I'm ready for Toy Story 3 to come out.

I'm ready for fall but not ready for the large amount of socks that will flood my laundry once its cold.

McDonald's sweet tea is delicious.

I'm excited to go clothes shopping for my ladies later. I like buying clothes for them as much as I like buying clothes for me. Plus there's a new Children's Place that just opened in Sierra Vista, so I'm excited to check it out.

I know all the words to the songs on The Fresh Beat Band.


Alexa Mae said...

you crack me up! loved this. you will be so glad when they grow out of those shows. i STILL know all the words to the backyardigans and my kids don't remember them at all! what is this??

The Mrs. said...

;alskdjf;lakjdsf;llakjdsf;lakdjsf Since we're not facebook friends.... you don't know this....

We're going to See Toy Story 3 On ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm super flippin' excited for the blu-ray! I can not wait! I had it on preorder online, but cancelled it... I'll just go to the store, that day.

Toy Story 3 is AWESOME!!!!!

By the way, yeah, I screamed at you, I'm that excited!!!

Connie said...

Oh man... I think I would go crazy the fresh beat band's commercials alone irritate me! I know what you mean about being sick of a movie! AHHH! the. worst. (:

Chastity said...

My husband told me that beer and diapers are the most commonly purchased pair of items sold together from the store. Weird. Anyway, cute blog. Fellow Mommy now following you from 20somethingbloggers.

Have a beautiful day!


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