Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

One of the perks about having a sister is always having a scapegoat. Who doesn't need someone else to blame for their actions?

Alana takes full advantage of this perk. Whenever I ask who made a mess, who spilled something, who wrote on the couch with marker, who took Barbie's clothes off, the answer is always the same: Ava.
Ava did it. Ava wrote on the couch with the pen that Alana was drawing with. Ava used her tiny baby fingers to take the clothes off of all the Barbies. Ava got up on the kitchen counter and spilled my drink. Ava drew on Alana's face with marker.

Poor Ava doesn't even know how to talk yet to defend herself. She is constantly getting the blame for what Alana allegedly did, but she can't say Not me! to correct her sister.

Or when they're fighting over something and all of a sudden only Ava is crying Alana makes sure to make it clear Ava pinched herself.  That's diabolical. Pinch yourself so your sister gets the blame.

Ava is one guilty baby. I've never met another one year old with such a long rap sheet, filled with so many unspeakable crimes. Who knows what Ava will do next? Hold up a liquor store? Tear the tags off of mattresses? Start parking in handicapped spaces? Sends chills down my spine because I just don't know what Ava is capable of. Or what Alana is capable of blaming on her.


Kathy Kloos said...

Hmmm...sounds familiar...kind of like someone else I knew back in the day

jack!e said...

haha I don't have any kids yet...but I do have an older sister and I know exactly what your talking about. Poor Ava, I can relate. =]


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