Saturday, September 11, 2010


The fridge is a place of honor in every home. It's a place to display our most recent accomplishments, invitations and even grocery lists of what we need the most. You can hang up that test you got an A on, your favorite picture or your children's artwork.

Alana is currently the dominant decorator of our fridge. It's covered with many masterpieces: watercolor paintings, drawings, coloring book pages and her most recent piece of work. It is titled Homework. I give it an A.

After I got finished covering an index card with my chicken scratch she took one look at it and proclaimed You did a good job! You should hang it on the fridge! Thanks Alana. But I'm prouder of other things I've made.

Like this apple pie:

And especially these two ladies:

 I don't think any of my magnets are strong enough to hang either of them from the fridge.


Shelley Ann said...

now every time i see those alphabet magnetic letters, i automatically think of bag of bones! but the note is hilarious!!

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

That apple pie looks delish!!


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